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A blog about my fantasy alter-ego Cirius Illiandri including some tales of daily madness from everyday life .I'd like to point out that all races and most of the stuff in this blog is based on concepts and ideas of Games Workshop plc (avoided the law suit now). The title of the book is quite uncertain but i'm working on it if it says anything :)

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going towards the middle ages

Several days ago as i was reading a greek newspaper online there was a topic which caught my attention.A blogger had been arrested in Greece because a link in his site lead to a satirical blog.Apparently some famous person saw the site and got the man who owned the site with the link arrested.The man was Andonis Tsiropoulos owner of blogme.gr.I wondered about this ridiculous case until yesterday i found out the truth.The man that got Andonis arrested was non other but the special guest of this site Mr. Dimosthenis Liakopoulos and the controversial blog was funELs.So apparently blogme.gr had a link to funELs site and since funEL is a .com site while blogme is a .gr site Liakopoulos unable to touch funEL got Andonis arrested. Personally i had always viewed Liakopoulos as a comedian of sorts but this incident showed that Liakopoulos not only can't take a bit of satire but will not accept anyone disputing him under the threat of imprisoment.FunEL has won while Liakopoulos showing his inability to cope with judgement has done the biggest mistake of his life.It has thrown down his fascade and shown everybody the fascist he is.HEIL UBERMENSCH LIAKO (cue nazi music). FunEL everyone is with you.Godspeed.See the controversial site at http://funel.blogspot.com/ .
By the way the claim that it was Liakopoulos i only believed it when i read this article in the english magazine The Register here is the article that confirmed funELs claims: